Warhel :: The tech boss with designs on the global fashion industry

The tech boss with designs on the global fashion industry

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It is Hong Kong fashion week, and nearly 20,000 buyers and sellers from 65 countries are in town to swap opinions on what trends are in, or out.

For 32-year-old Ms Tam it is a perfect opportunity to pitch a software application developed by her startup company. The tech boss with designs on the global fashion industry

The website and app is called Techpacker, and it aims to simplify how fashion designers communicate with distant factories that make their clothes.

Are you a fashion designer? Ms Tam asks a young woman who walks past her booth. Where do you work with factories? Local or overseas?

Ms Tam, whose name is Tan Huiyi in Mandarin Chinese, is keen to sign up as many people as possible.

Such is her confidence in Techpacker (which is also the name of the business), that last year she quit her full-time IT job to launch the start-up with someone she hardly knew.

Her business partner is Saral Kochar, a 31-year-old fellow Hongkonger.

They met at a gathering of young technology developers, where Mr Kochar told Ms Tam about his idea for Techpacker.Thanks to his experience working as a sourcing manager in the garment industry he had recognised a gap in the market.

As most of Ms Tams IT work had been in the fashion industry she immediately recognised that such a product could be successful.

She says: I thought, hey thats great!.

After they had talked more, and realised they had complementary skills, they decided to go into business together. He has experience of dealing with clothing factories, while she brings the technological know-how.

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